VirtualBox For Teh Win (on FreeBSD)

Lately I was snooping around for a good virtual machine solution, there’s a lot more stuff than just a few years ago (and qemu got really better on linux), when I came across some nice BSD news (yes, it’s BSD news, buried as usual but still there).

It seems VirtualBox (aquired by sun recently btw) is being ported to FreeBSD. Well, that would make the number of reliable vm avaiable … one (no, serenity virtual does not count, it was crappier than qemu without the kernel extensions).

Oh, and btw, there’s (obviously) a port for opensolaris too, and the usual unix nutcasgeniuses at sun are putting it through some really tight loops. (that does mean I must urgently find some excuses not to buy me an ultra. Either that or manage to build a nuclear reactor in the backyard to power up all my junk)

The only big downside of virtualbox is that it cannot give the guest os access to actual hard disk drives, on the other hand it’s got a builtin iscsi initiator (the €100 version only, mind you), so you can probably work around that limitation.

The BIG upside compared to vmware it’s a builtin rdp server to the guestos, and I have a pile of junk sitting somewhere that will probably be converted into a thinstation. (assuming I can still find the right ac/dc adapter of course)

edit: it seems some FreeBSD developers have picked up the ball, and are developing the initial port effort done by innotek.
See also innotek’s forum and freebsd-ports, also a first patch against the current svn and this post from Sander van Leeuwen (of sun).

edit2: FreeBSD build instructions, solaris 10 installation instructions, workaround for a nic problem in FreeBSD 7.0, a repository of virtualbox images

3 Responses to “VirtualBox For Teh Win (on FreeBSD)”

  1. Hi, glad you liked the VirtualBox and ZFS post! You know, you don’t need to buy a Sun system (though we appreciate the business) to try out OpenSolaris. Any standard PC/Laptop/x86/x64 system will do. Actually, if you can wait for just a liitle bit, you can try out the brand new OpenSolaris, project Indiana style:


  2. Eh, I know I do not *really* need to, but they’re REALLY cool machines. I mean, if you’re given a weber carburettor and a mallory dualpoint for free you’d have the some problems *not* buying a rover V8 to go with it 🙂

    btw, in one place where I work we’re considering replacing vmware-on-suse with virtualbox-on-shillix just because of your blog. The gain in flexibility and reliability is big enough to offset a pissed-off suse admin having to learn solaris.

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