Buy an already-hacked mac clone

There’s people buying apple hardware because it is quality stuff, people with a ton of hardware already around hacking macosx to run on their iron.

And then there’s people offering you a pre-hacked mac minitower for sale at 400 bucks, yep, that’s right. Those soon-to-be-sued-to-hell guys at psystar offer you a mac clone with osx already installed.

If you want it, do get it fast, this box is making the rounds on the net and I doubt it will be avaiable for long.

2 Responses to “Buy an already-hacked mac clone”

  1. […] Filed under: hardware — Tags: hack, mac, osX — ipv5 @ 13:45 Well, it seems the whole mac clone story is shadierthan I tought. The guardian tracked down Pystar’s movements, both on the web and on […]

  2. Josh Says:

    Your site said 32 spaces it didn’t work what else can I do

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