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Air car on Earth

Posted in hardware with tags , , on 2008.04.12 by ipv5

I always wanted an electrical car, they’ve got good torque, do not guzzle fuel like they’ve got an hole in the tank, and as a side note they do not pollute much.

Trouble is, while there are some great electric cars (like the Tesla Roadster), they all do have something in common: they’re way too pricey and, well, have you ever tried buying new batteries for a laptop? Just picture the cost (both for you and for whoever disposes of them) for the monsters powering up a car.

Then, surfing aimlessly, trying to find out what’s electric on the market today, I stumbled upon what’s aircompressed on the market today.

Yep, air compressed. Well, nothing so new or so groundbreaking, c.a. engines have been around for a bit. However, lately a lot of guys have come up (in parallel, it does seem) with some new engineering. Take for example EngineAir, an aussie company that makes rotary c.a. engines.

Yes, all this stuff seems limited to small flatbeds or similar junk. Uh, no wait, what’s tata motors got to do with it? Well, it seems one of those guys got an agreement with them to actually produce a c.a. car. Yep, a car, they’re producing it, Just Right NowTM.
I want one.

They’re affordable, as green as you can get (and working in an over-polluted city sooner or later you do notice), and most importantly just beg to be modded like hell. Just add some solar panel film on the roof, some tubing to recharge it while you’re driving around and an electric air compressor and you’re good to go. Oh, and since the waste product is cool air you’ve solved air conditioning as well, just add some more tubing and a filter at the end.
It seems they’re coming to Europe and the states sooner or later. Good, I think I’ve found my next car. Now, to find some eolic/solar generator to recharge it…

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