Oh hell yeah!

Opensolaris version 2008.05 has been released! And as a live cd too. Finally we can see something solid of Indiana. Oh, and they get a brand new website/logo as well.

See some first impressions, some (relatively minor) problems in this first version, a handy tip on additional package needed to develop stuff, and finally extremely useful instructions to install it on a xen domU.

Download it from opensolaris.org, some of the mirrors (torrent included), metalink or request a free cd (you can order more than one if you’re doing an installfest or somesuch iirc)

edit: here’s a review.

edit2: you can find out aout my struggles with this system up above here.

on other sunny news, openxvm got a new homepage too, found around something on virtualbox 1.6 too

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