List of hard disk ata master passwords

Ferreted this out after some hours of web searching, guess I can spare you the same trouble

If you find this stuff useful, please do leave a comment, “hi, it worked” is enough.

(nb: see my previous post for unlocking instructions)

SEAGATE -> “Seagate” +25 spaces

series N40P -> “Maxtor INIT SECURITY TEST STEP ” +1 or +2 spaces
series N40P -> “Maxtor INIT SECURITY TEST STEP F”
series 541DX -> “Maxtor” +24 spaces
series Athena (D541X model 2B) and diamondmax80 -> “Maxtor”


FUJITSU -> 32 spaces

SAMSUNG -> “ttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt” (32 times t)

series DTTA -> “CED79IJUFNATIT” +18 spaces
series DJNA -> “VON89IJUFSUNAJ” +18 spaces
series DPTA -> “VON89IJUFSUNAJ” +18 spaces
series DTLA -> “RAM00IJUFOTSELET” +16 spaces
series DADA-26480 (6,4gb) -> “BEF89IJUF__AIDACA” +15 spaces

HITACHI series DK23AA, DK23BA and DK23CA -> 32 spaces

TOSHIBA -> 32 spaces

For xbox hdds try “XBOXSCENE” or “TEAMASSEMBLY” too

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120 Responses to “List of hard disk ata master passwords”

  1. [...] If it’s zero we’re in luck, and we can either unlock the disk with the regular password (assuming you know it, I did not) or with the master password (you can find some of them on the net, just google for your model number). (edit: I’ve collected the passwords I’ve found here) [...]

  2. Hi, It DID NOT WORK. 32 spaces for hitachi? On a Toshiba laptop? I can type only TEN spaces, no more will type in….. Hello? 32 spaces my skinny butt…..

  3. Anon Says:

    Unlocked a Western Digital drive! Another Seagate is still won’t unlock…


  5. rafaelbortolin Says:

    Hi friend,

    What password master Hitachi Travelstar DK13FA-40

  6. hi, it worked. Thankyou very much, language spanish. Gracias, me sirvio. Espero que a todos los que visiten esta pagina les sirvan los codigos, y sepan usalos los codigos. Samsung model hd300jl. descarguen y usen el programa (Program) HDAT2.

    Recuerden que se utiliza la funcion ERASE UNIT para liberar (unlock) su disco duro (HDD).


  7. Yeah Says:

    Yeah! It worked on a Samsung SV0802N. I was searching a long time for the Master PW…


  8. PohTayToez Says:

    I tried the Samsung password on a Samsung MP0804H 80GB 2.5″ drive and it would not work. This hard drive was locked in a Dell laptop, and I’ve been searching everywhere for a way to unlock it.

    • PohTayToez Says:

      I’m just posting again to be notified of follow up comments.

      • LatinMcG Says:

        Try using another hard disk similar.. put a password on it. reboot. go to remove pwd in bios again by typing prior (set by you) pwd on new(same)disk.. then switch hdd to old unknown pwd and pres enter 2 times to leave blank in old disk

  9. Dj_yry Says:

    I think you saved my life man finaly I was abel to use hard ereaser to save my disk. I had a 40gb samsung ata, hope I will format it alsoo, know I’m wainting to finish the erease. G man for a week I was traying to recover the hard I thout it was bad sectors on it, but the real error was the pasword looked. Thank you very much for this article.

    All soo I recomand for others this program maybe it will help them.

  10. Toshiba laptops are much better than Acer laptops when it comes to longevitiy _

  11. rilcy1982 Says:

    hi.i have my my drive lock by an unknow password. i downloaded atapwd, but the keep asking for a password.
    PLEASE helppppppppppppp

  12. mind Says:

    hi, it worked on a Samsung MP0603H :)

  13. Locked Fuji Says:

    Fujitsu did not work.

  14. Faustus Says:

    need a HD-PW for IBM Travelstar DJSA-205 5GB ATA/IDE
    Regards Faustus

  15. Sorry, but the Seagate password above did not work. I also tried seagate in all lower case with 25 spaces, SEAGATE in all uppercase with 25 spaces and both variations with no spaces.

    • Of course it did just occur to me that the default master password may have been changed since the drive’s manufacture, so your info may not be wrong.

  16. qm4n Says:

    Hello, I need Toshiba HDD master pasword, i already try toshiba hd password above, but not wok to me, i’m also use MHDD tools to unlock my toshiba hd master password, but no succes..,please hel me.., thanks

  17. qm4n Says:

    Hello, I need Toshiba HDD master pasword, i already try toshiba hd password above, but not wok to me, i’m also use MHDD tools to unlock my toshiba hd master password, but no succes..,please hel me.., thanks

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  20. Sayyam Says:

    Hey, Can u help me with having master password for Hitachi HT543216L9ALock?? Thank You in Advance :)

  21. lem167 Says:

    Tried the Fujitsu one it doesnt work states “FAIL” everytime.
    Surely theres one available out there

  22. Support…

    [...]List of hard disk ata master passwords « I see 0xDEAD disks[...]…

  23. DeWalt Batteries…

    [...]List of hard disk ata master passwords « I see 0xDEAD disks[...]…

  24. Daugl Says:

    Works for me with samsung sp2504C and mhdd, thanks for the work =)

  25. alexandru Says:

    hy,my laptop is SAMSUNG SENS T10 THE CODE IS 19032C4630162306

  26. Nokia Lovers…

    [...]List of hard disk ata master passwords « I see 0xDEAD disks[...]…

  27. Hi!
    32 spaces works fine on toshiba hdd using mhdd (hdd guru).


  28. Noah Says:

    yo it works

  29. Mike Says:

    Hi.. 32 spaces does not work with mhdd for me. It was locked by a toshiba and the HDD is a WD. I’ve also tried the WDC pw with no luck on both master and user pw.

  30. master password for Hitachi HTS723232A7A????

  31. 3llt3 Says:


    Anyone got master pwd’s for SATA drives? Fujitsu doesn’t have 32 bspace’s for thir SATA drives….

  32. 120GB Says:

    Do you have master password for toshiba MK1234gsx? 32 spaces doesn’t work..

  33. ko bit noi the nao

  34. luiz Says:

    master password fot toshiba mk3265gsx? please!

  35. I Have tried Alot OF PASSWORDS to get back into my toshiba still have had no luck please will someone please help? Please .

  36. I have the toshiba L305D with A western digital Hard Drive model wd2500bevs-26vato S/N wxey08an8372

  37. help me! Says:

    pass hdd FUJITSU MHY2160BH not work with pass 32 space

  38. Serge Says:

    Hi it worked on WD 4000KD God bless you !

  39. Jewel Says:

    Unlocked a Toshiba w/ 32 spaces! Wow!

  40. Harol Gomez Says:

    Hi I need help with my HDD seagate of 320Gb so I need unlock it. The problem is the Hard drive, it needs a password. So the best information is HDD id is [5VJ2YENA], Seagate. Also my laptop is a Dell Vostro 1520 With Service Tag DFBW2L1. A have a message “Hdd password error code [12852] System service tag code [DFBW2L1].’ Thanks again for you bring me a Solution.

  41. milan Says:

    wdc doesnot work please help

  42. Need Master Password for my Hard Disk. 32 t doesn’t work.
    Model: HS08XJC
    HDD P/N: HS08XJC/D
    lba 153,301,488 80gb n1c
    S/N: S18EJ16PB06838

  43. Tschikalow Says:


  44. Reggie Wands Says:

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  45. Tim Says:

    Hi, my Western Digital Caviar Blue unlocked second try. Think I missed a letter, thanks!

  46. Pali Says:

    Not Seagate nor Toshiba masterpassword is working :(
    Any idea how to unlock ? Any bruteforce or anything else ?

  47. mbarki Says:

    please help me
    i need the password for ST9500325AS ACER

    Please …

  48. Darking999 Says:

    well the WDCWDC password you got western digital did not work my 320 gb laptop hdd I wont give up an this is a good site any way but thanks for the info i keep looking

    come see us at shadow youth rising more then welcome

  49. fujitsu hdd password lock . give the master password .

  50. gabriel Says:

    i need password for hitachi hdd model HST543216L9A300 please help me!!!!!

  51. Igor Says:

    The master password for Seagate also works for some Maxtor drives since Maxtor is now Seagate, e.g. DiamondMax21.
    But I still need master password for DiamondMax10. Can someone post it here, pls!

  52. Igor Says:

    Sometimes the solution is not the master password but the user password: I had 6 HDDs protected with passwords. They were once all connected to a 3ware RAID controler. Via search in the internet I found that this controler sets a user password on all drives connected to him. After disconnecting the drives from the controler you has to DISPWD them. I found the 3ware user password in the internet. Problem solved.

  53. hamza Says:

    do you have any idea about the new wd master password ? because WDC….. didnt work i have a wd6400bevt (640gb)

  54. Smokesucker Says:

    I locked my Toshiba MK8032GAX by an unsuccessful erasing trial, and by following this tutorial i did get it unlocked.

    Tanks a lot!

  55. Victor Peña Says:

    Toshiba Satellite L755D-S5204

  56. Michael Says:

    Successfully unlocked two Samsung HD501LJ (using hdparm under Linux) – thanks!

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    you amend your site, how can i subscribe for a blog website?
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  58. john Says:

    need hdd password for dell latitude e6220, plz.

  59. Good day! I simply would like to offer you a huge thumbs up for the great information you have here on
    this post. I’ll be coming back to your website for more soon.

  60. Today i unlock my HDD Seagate Momentus 5400.5 with Hirens Boot CD 15.2 and with programm(exist inside)Bios master password Generator..also i find thie site who doit exactly the same and very quickly…i put my HDD number who give me in the process to unlock that(67420819 in my case)and i take the number 78588239 i put this and my hard disk unlocked…YES!!!

  61. Reena Says:

    need master password for Toshiba Portege R830
    HDD: Toshiba MK6461GSY
    tried 32spaces, but no luck

  62. Matthew Says:

    Method of using atapwd deff works for wd Hdd tryed heaps works every time

  63. foster quist Says:

    what about hdd password or master paster password for asus notebook?

  64. Dave Tidwell Says:

    Yes I tried it on my Toshiba HDD it worked fine thank you very much.
    From : Turd Dog

  65. I have an acer aspire 5336 and I just unlocked some password on it but now it is asking me for the password for hitachi HTS545025B9A Please help me. What is the password for this stupid thing

  66. MOHSIN Says:


  67. Hi,
    doing quite a good job, am a system eng. but with limited know it all but willing to learn. My pastor’s son pass word their dell inspiron 1500′ HDD but cant remember the password he used. as the lappy broke down for long before i fixed it. now they cant access the hdd as it will not boot, requesting for a password. HDD IS HITACHI SATA 80G, MODEL: HST541680J9SA00.

    Expecting a favorable response.

  68. heed help on unlocking a hitachi Hdd sata 80 gig.
    please kindly help

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  71. Vitor Souza Says:

    For HD Seagete PipeLine 2 da NET TV, a MASTER ATA PASSWORD é essa mesma? Seagate + 25 SPACES?

  72. petrus Says:

    32 spaces does not work for Toshiba (Satellite with Hitachi drive) (anymore).

  73. zibizibi Says:

    worked for Seagate Barracude ST340014a

  74. Peter Says:

    I have a toshiba hdd in a toshiba satellite L750D. The 32 spaces did not work. Do you have any other master passwords?

  75. Dan Says:

    The Seagate password worked for me! Your blog just totally saved my ass at work.

  76. Hi, it did NOT work for me. Western Digital 500GB 2.5″

  77. tafadzwa Says:

    for toshiba hdd what else can we try besides 32spaces

  78. i have a 250GB seagate sata locked any suggestion

  79. pablo Says:

    toshiba mk3263gsx need password help please
    error 08069

  80. Remarkable! Its in fact awesome post, I have got much clear idea concerning from this
    piece of writing.

  81. Brice K. Says:

    Please, i need master password for HDD: Toshiba MK2555GSX

  82. debbie Says:

    how do you reset a password I forgot what mine was on a Toshiba I put in a birthday but forgot whos now I can get in my toshiba

  83. Hi I have laptop Toshiba my hard drive is IDE it have password on boot it is Toshiba HDD 2191 (80)Gb I need master cod please help me 32 space is not work that is not m
    aster cod

  84. Thanks for a marvelous posting! I genuinely enjoyed reading it,
    you will be a great author.I will be sure to bookmark your blog and definitely
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  85. Edward Jackson Says:

    I have a Fujitsu hard drive model no. MHV 208AT. PL 80GB can anyone please give me the master password code to unlock the HDD? Thank you

  86. Edward Jackson Says:

    32 space bars doesn’t work it only 8 ditigets long? Master password for Fijitisu MVH2080AT 80 GB help????

  87. Hoodoo h Says:

    Hello Sir.
    I have a TOSHIBA MK5056GSY in my Dell that I cannot remember the HDD PW to.
    Can you help please?

  88. whoah this webpog is fantastic i love reading your posts.
    Stay upp the great work! You know, many persons are hunting round for
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  89. Katio Says:

    how to make your hard disk password by using the software have been contain the hard disk!!

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  93. john ngolle Says:

    my hitach hhd is lock so how can i unlock

  94. john ngolle Says:

    i want to unlock through master passord,it is Hitachi HTS545025B9A300

  95. What’s up, this weekend is pleasant in support of me, since this moment i
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  96. Sughosh Says:

    bro i am using MHDD to unlock a samsung HM251HI but it doesn’t acceptsthe masterpwd provided here.
    Pls help!!!
    thank you :)

  97. zara Says:



  98. zara Says:



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  100. Guys the western digital one is wrong.. try it without the last D
    and it works :)
    so not

    AND IT WORKED :)))))

    • Hmm well this code works
      but when I reboot, my drive is locked AGAIN
      this happens every day I turn it on.

      Any ideas ??

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  107. mastersgtj Says:

    NEED HELP, 32 spaces did not work, HDAT2 did not work. TOSHIBA Satellite C55t, Toshiba MQ01ABF
    050 500GB drive

  108. Naivo Says:

    It doesn’t work for hdd seagate ST9320423AS :(

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